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Money Market

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Sfx Money Market

A traditional TMS service for companies wishing to ensure the comprehensive control of all external and internal loans, deposits and derivatives. With full accounting of course!

Sfx Money Market will enable your company to monitor and manage the Group’s financial position in one place.


Sfx Money Market also delivers automated accounting support for both subsidiary and parent on internal loans or deposits.


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Why Sfx Money Market?

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Sealfx is already the leading provider of automation in currency and liquidity management. With the addition of our new Money Market module – we can become the sole provider of treasury technology for our customers.

If Treasury is considering implementing or upgrading a “traditional TMS” – Sealfx will not only deliver to your expectations, we will also push the degree of automation to the next level.


This is Sfx Money Market

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A modern and user-friendly interface for the modern Treasurer

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Holds all your Group’s external loans and deposits in one place to ensure full control and analysis

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Gathers all internal loans and deposits together – enabling full visibility for the relevant subsidiary

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Keeps your derivatives such as interest rate swaps in a single place

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Make the world your home market

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