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Sfx Clear

For companies looking to sell excess or cover deficient foreign currency cash positions, or just swap/roll the balance to another date 

Sfx Clear enables your company to stay in control of foreign currency cash positions in all your banks by means of a single interface

Sfx Clear offers automated currency transactions, digital connections to your bank or multi-bank trading platform and integrated automated accounting

Why Sfx Clear?


Frequent adjustment of surplus or deficit foreign currency cash positions is generally recommended to avoid building up currency exposures 

Automated workflows eliminate human error, adhoc transactions and manual administration 


This is Sfx Clear

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  Sfx Clear adjusts your foreign currency cash positions on a daily basis to set amounts

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 Instructions to buy, sell or swap currency are directed to your bank(s) or multi-trading platform and settlement documentation is returned

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  Sfx Clear creates accounting records that are automatically updated in your accounting system or TMS

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Make the world your home market

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