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Sfx Enterprise

For companies whose Group Treasury manages the exposure of its subsidiaries in line with Group financial policies and subsidiary-specific guidelines 

Sfx Enterprise is the ideal solution for major corporations with a large number of subsidiaries who are looking to implement a coherent foreign exchange policy across the group

An Sfx Enterprise corporation is typically looking to leverage from intragroup foreign currency netting and hedging


The solution is  effective no matter how diverse the operations or foreign currency exposures of the subsidiaries are

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Why Sfx Enterprise?

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The advantage of Sfx Enterprise is that it aggregates foreign exchange exposure of the subsidiaries and calculates the risk at group level 

Sfx Enterprise splits the currency hedges made by group treasury and allocates the relevant part of the hedge to the subsidiaries


Provides automatic accounting for group subsidiaries

Executing transactions at group level greatly reduces transactional costs and administration


This is Sfx Enterprise

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 Sfx Enterprise is compatible with group financial policies and accounting principles  

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 Aggregates the foreign exchange exposure of subsidiaries at group level or back-to-back for each subsidiary 

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 Hedges and orders are directed to your preferred liquidity provider (bank/multi-bank tradings platform). Trade confirmations are automatically updated in the Treasury Management System/TMS 

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 The value of currency hedges and transactions are automatically allocated to each subsidiary, with matching accounting records 

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Make the world your home market

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