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Sfx Flex

For companies that require a high degree of hedging flexibility, especially companies whose future currency flows are unpredictable yet have a major impact on the bottom line 

Sfx Flex is a service that enables you to fine- tune and adjust your currency futures over time, using spots, forwards or swaps

Sfx Flex allows you to perform advanced hedging, both for a parent company and for its subsidiaries, by means of a single interface

Why Sfx Flex?


If you prefer a more active approach to your FX trading in which you retain control and your ability to intervene manually when market opportunities occur

Treasury departments that operate as internal banks can provide a digital interface to subsidiaries, which enables them to execute fully-automated internal FX trades with a liquidity provider

Sfx Flex offers automated accounting  that allow swaps to be tracked and linked to previously executed currency forwards


This is Sfx Flex

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 The Sealfx dashboard presents all historic and future FX transactions as KPIs for rapid and convenient analysis

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 Adjustments can easily be made in the Sfx Flex interface if hedges need modification

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  Sfx Flex creates accounting records that are automatically updated in your accounting system or TMS

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Make the world your home market

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