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Sfx Forecast

For businesses that need to hedge forecasted cash flows, especially companies with a fixed price list 

Sfx Forecast allows you to execute frequent hedges of forecasted cash flows to offset currency fluctuations and increase the hedge over time

With Sfx Forecast you are one step ahead and can avoid inopportune or mistimed transactions    

Why Sfx Forecast?


If you prefer a more proactive approach to your FX hedging yet want to have the opportunity to increase the degree of hedging over time


Sfx Forecast hedges forecasted cash flows according to a pre-set schedule, which enables automated hedging

All documentation and bookkeeping is generated automatically by Sfx Forecast and uploaded into your ERP system, which facilitates the execution of complex hedging without manual administration 


This is Sfx Forecast

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 Forecasted cashflows in selected currencies are uploaded into

Sfx Forecast 

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 Currency hedges, amounts and periodicity are calculated based on your financial policies and suggested hedges are displayed 

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 After service activation, Sfx Forecast will execute orders to the bank(s) or multi-bank trading platform on a schedule decided by your company 

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 Trade confirmations are returned from the bank/multi-bank trading platform to your company 

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  Sfx Forecast creates accounting records that are automatically updated in your accounting system, Sfx TAS or other TMS


Make the world your home market

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