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Trading within paper

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About Fortex

Fortex is owned by active and experienced traders. Their enduring philosophy – after years in the industry – is that successful trading is made possible by a foundation of hard work, financial strength, a streamlined organisational structure, quick decision-making at every position and the constant search for ways to improve. Combining this steady foundation with passionate employees is how Fortex makes paper trading smarter.

Why did you choose Sealfx’ solutions? 

"We wanted to reduce manual work and time consuming administrative tasks and Sealfx had the most interesting solution. Sealfx’ representative was knowledgeable and gave a reliable impression. Initially we worked with the idea of starting a treasury department, but Sealfx’ solution was more effective for what we wanted to achieve and gave more value for money."

Did Sealfx meet your expectations?

"Sealfx has exceeded our expectations. It has made everyday work easier than we had anticipated. Contacting support is quick and easy, they understand our needs and solve the problem."

What advantages have you achieved with Sealfx’ solution? 

"Our sales crew spend considerably less time on administration and reporting. We have harmonized the matching of currency position with cashflow to one day compared to significant fluctuations in timing in the past with up to one or two weeks occasionally. Currency risk and the risk of human errors has been significantly reduced. "

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