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About Stena Line Travel Group

The group consists of well-known brands such as Sembo.

This business division within Stena Line Group focuses on leisure travel, retail, food & beverage and has sales of more than EUR 200 million with operations in several European markets.

Sembo is a Global B2c tour operator specializing in vacation rentals, hotels, flights, car rentals and ferry tickets. Sembo's business concept is to simplify travel by providing affordable travel around the world. With modern technology and good service, the customer can easily tailor their trip with accommodation and transport and book easily and safely.

Why did you choose Sealfx’ solutions? 

"We are aiming at digitilizing as much as possible of daily workflows. Our booking system is closely integrated with our accounting system, and we wanted to become even more effecient in terms of handling incoming and outgoing payments in foreign currency without manual work.  

Sealfx’ solutions was the perfect fit." 

Did Sealfx meet your expectations?

"Yes, we now have a fully automated set-up. Sealfx has shown that they have competency within IT, foreign exchange hedging and accounting principles. Sealfx have given us great advice, not only on how to get the most out of their services, they have also pushed us to improve our foreign exchange management. I am pretty sure Sealfx could facilitate daily work for many companies." 

What advantages have you achieved with Sealfx’ solution? 

"First of all we have reduced manual work. We do not have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates and how that would effect our PnL. It is good to know that all currency transactions are booked automatically according to set principles. We have Sfx Flex and when bookings do not follow the ordinary pattern due to disruptions, we can handle our currency positions directly through Sfx Flex. Better yet, the accounting records come in the same file as all our other foreign exchange transactions."  

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