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40 bn SEK

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6 000

About Ahlsell

Ahlsell's unique customer offering gives professional users access to a comprehensive range of products and related services in water & sewerage, heating & sanitation, ventilation, insulation, electricity, refrigeration, construction, real estate, industry, tools & machines as well as supplies and personal protective equipment.

They are located in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Poland.

Why did you choose Sealfx’ solutions? 

"Sealfx salesrep. was very knowledgable. We felt confident that Sealfx’ team was going to do a good job and we liked their solutions. Their service was easy and fast to implement and we got good references from Sealfx existing clients."

Did Sealfx meet your expectations?

"Sealfx, as a team, and their solution has definitely met our expectations. They are professional, easygoing and have deep knowledge of foreign exchange and IT. We will be working with Sealfx on a longterm basis. They have a geniun interest in developing their services. We test our ideas and make suggestions on what we would like them to develop going forward, finding that together we can truly make this happen." 

What advantages have you achieved with Sealfx’ solution? 

"We use their solution to hedge a number of our subsidiaries’ foreign currency accounts payable. With Sealfx we have reached a totally automated work flow of currency management, everything is running smoothly. Right now we are looking at changing internal processes in order to reach 100% hedging."  

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