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Next Generation Treasury Automation System

Our mission is to increase the level of automation in Treasury that traditional treasury systems are unable to provide – we call it a Treasury Automation System (TAS), a more efficient alternative to a traditional TMS.
We are committed to importing automation into as many Treasury processes as possible to increase control and accuracy. The Treasury Automation System (TAS) is like a TMS but its focus is on automation rather than manual management.
Empower your team with a leading-edge treasury tech platform that manages everything from currency and liquidity management to loans, deposits and interest rate derivatives. All services are built around automation and control but adaptable to your financial policy, accounting principles and desired risk level.
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Leading-edge technology 

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Secure, innovative solutions 

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Continuously updated services 

The Sealfx solution

Find out how easy you can automize your treasury processes with the use of Sealfx modern Treasury Automation Technology!

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With our solutions you improve control and accuracy of your treasury operations to the next level, without spending time and money on lengthy and expensive implementation projects.


Sealfx services

Simplify and streamline your company’s currency 

and liquidity management 

Sealfx will tailor the solution to your desired hedging strategy and degree of automation while focusing on your business needs

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For companies looking to automatically eliminate the currency exposure in day-to-day business transactions such as sales and purchases in foreign currencies 

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For businesses that need to hedge forecasted cash flows, especially companies with a fixed price list 

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For companies looking to sell excess or cover deficient foreign currency cash positions, or just swap/roll the balance to another date 

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For companies that require a high degree of hedging flexibility, especially companies whose future currency flows are unpredictable yet have a major impact on the bottom line 

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A service for subsidiaries that have reason not to automate their currency management. It harmonizes how reporting of currency requirements takes place within a Group.

Deal Request

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Money Market

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Sfx Money Market is a traditional TMS service for companies wishing to ensure the comprehensive control of all external and internal loans, deposits and derivatives, with full accounting of course!

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A service for Group Treasuries that wish to operate one single system for all aspects of internal currency management. Sfx Payments resolves the final process of every internal ticket – the settlement!


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Inhouse Banking

For companies whose Group Treasury manages the exposure of its subsidiaries in line with Group financial policies and subsidiary-specific guidelines 

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Some of our current customers

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Next Generation Treasury Automation Solution

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Automizing your Treasury management will allow you to prioritize your business strategic agenda

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