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Sfx Auto

For companies looking to automatically eliminate the currency exposure in day-to-day business transactions such as sales and purchases in foreign currencies 

It can sometimes take several months from the time your company closes a deal until payment transactions are executed

During this period your company is exposed to currency risk that can turn an anticipated profit into a loss

Sfx Auto  enables your company to lock in profits automatically and avoid exchange rate effects on already tight margins

Why Sfx Auto?


Sfx Auto eliminates currency risk automatically as soon as it occurs.

It ensures efficient and accurate currency risk management that safeguards cash flows and profit margins. 

It provides more efficient reporting with integrated accounting records and an overview dashboard for currency exposure assessment. 


Sfx auto saves time and money as well as removing human error by eliminating manual processes. 


This is Sfx Auto

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  Sfx Auto is compatible with your company’s financial policies and accounting principles  

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  Order data in foreign currency is aggregated, currency exposures and appropriate currency forwards are calculated

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 FX orders are automatically directed to and executed at your preferred liquidity provider (banks or multi-bank trading platform)

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  Sfx Auto creates accounting records that are automatically updated in your accounting system Sfx TAS or other TMS

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Make the world your home market

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