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Deal Request

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Sfx Deal Request

This service is for subsidiaries that have reason not to automate their currency management. It harmonizes how reporting of currency requirements takes place within a Group.

Sfx Deal Request is an easy-to-use service that does not require technical implementation – it is ready to use on Day 1.


Sfx Deal Request will provide Group Treasury with a real-time exposure report in one standardized format for any subsidiaries that are not yet using automation services for their currency management.


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Why Sfx Deal Request?

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Does Group Treasury spend too much time collecting currency requests from subsidiaries by email and phone?

Let Sfx Deal Request harmonize your processes with a tool that gathers requests into a single real-time exposure report and that allows internal & external FX trades to be created automatically – you choose the level of automation you need!

Sfx Deal Request also enables subsidiaries to provide analysis and accounting of all executed currency trades to Group Treasury – it will eliminate the need for Group Treasury to issue internal Trade Confirmations.


This is Sfx Deal Request

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A single harmonized process for reporting currency requests to Group Treasury

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Group Treasury will be able to automate the collection process as well as the execution of internal and external trades

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Provides a tool for analysis, control and accounting at subsidiary level

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Make the world your home market

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