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Sfx Payments

A service for Group Treasuries that wish to operate one single system for all aspects of internal currency management. SFX Payments resolves the final process of every internal ticket – the settlement!

Sfx Payments will automatically create payment files and send them to your or the subsidiary’s bank.


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Why Sfx Payments?

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Instead of making manual file transfers to your bank at Group Treasury – let a secure and efficient module do the work for you.

With the addition of our new Sfx Payments service – Sealfx can confirm, secure and can handle the settlement process in internal FX trades.

No more need to use a separate payment service provider for your internal currency management.


This is Sfx Payments

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One single harmonized, automated process for creating payment instructions to your bank

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Compatible with every type of bank format

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Can be used with or without a CashPool setup

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Accounting support for both the sending and the receiving parties

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Make the world your home market

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